Welcome to PBrain

Pbrain is a collection of applications for the analysis of EEG and medical image data. Currently there are two applications, eegview and loc3d. loc3d is a 3D image analysis application for localizing, identifying and labeling objects in image data, which we use primarily for locating electrodes in CT data. eegview is an eeg visualization and analysis application which has facilities for displaying the EEG mapped onto the spatial coordinates output from loc3d.


Currently, there are several dependencies that need to be installed before installing the pbrain software. For windows users, see the README file with instructions on how to proceed. Note you will need to install the pbrain installer separately after you have completed the installation of the other prerequisites - see the pbrain repository.

Note that the pbrain software does run on other operating systems, notably linux. Please contact us on the mailing list for installation instructions.


Currently we only have a users guide for Loc3d, one of the two applications in pbrain. The users guide for eegview will be forthcoming. Here are Loc3D docs .

Mailing lists

Please subscribe to our mailing lists for pbrain related discussion, or the announce list to get announcements of new releases - mailing list.


For your viewing pleasure, we have included a few screenshots